Q. Where are the products made? 

A. All the products are made in Japan. 

Q. Do you have any free samples?

A. No. We have two types of Trail set: Trail set L and Trail set R.



Q.Why can’t I get my LJ MOIST BAR to foam up?

A. The residual oils present on your hands can make it so the foaming action of the bar is reduced. To ensure this isn’t a problem please wash your hands first with soap and then try to foam up the LJ MOIST BAR again. For more information about how to froth up the soap, watch the "LJ Deep Breathing Cleansing Method" video.

Q. Why should I double cleanse? 

A. This is because the two-step process ensures you get the full benefits of the LJ MOIST BAR. First you wash the pore-clogging dirt off your face first and second you remove the excessive sebum and dead skin. Double cleansing prepares your skin to absorb LJ MOIST BALANCE effectively and to stay moisturized throughout the day!

Q. Do I have to double cleanse? 

A.No, You don't have to. Double cleansing is our recommended method to give skin a clean base. However, your skin condition changes daily so please adjust the number of cleanses, to your skin condition.

Q. Can I remove makeup with it? 

A.This is not recommended, as it is not the intended purpose of the LJ MOIST BAR. Please use a suitable make-up remover for your skin type before our double wash.

Q. Why does the skin stay moisturized even after double cleansing?

A.Because LJ MOIST BAR is an alkaline soap that does not damage the natural and extremely important barrier function of the skin. While double washing, it neutralizes sebum-oxidized body wastes and removes them gently. In addition, the Quince Seed Extract works as perfect and gentle moisturizer. Additionally, lactobacillus and fermented liquor derived from Chardonnay grapes help make your skin resilient and clear.

Q. If I cleanse with LJ MOIST BAR, can old keratin and extremely oily sebum be removed? 

A. Yes, you may remove old keratin and oily sebum and urge the production of new keratin cells. It leaves your skin moisturized so that dryness can be prevented.

Q. How should I store my LJ products?

A. Since the LJ MOIST BAR is blended with highly moisturizing ingredients it absorbs water very easily. After every use, ensure that you drain the water from the soap without the lid and then store it in a breathable area. 
We recommend you use the LJ Arita soap dish, which is made for LJ MOIST BAR and helps maintain its stunning quality for longer.

Q. What's the main feature of the LJ MOIST BAR?

A. The LJ MOIST BAR is a moisturizing rich foaming soap. For more information, please go to our products page.

Q. What's the effect of the "Lactobacillus/ Grape Juice Ferment Filtrate" ? 

A. Lactobacillus/Grape Juice Ferment Filtrate is similar to Chardonnay white wines. It has a great moisturizing capacity, is full of amino acid and minerals, which in turn helps your skin feel full and rich.

Q. My skin started peeling off... is this ok? 

A.This may be because your body is generating new skin cells, which will lead to peeling as old skin cells die. Furthermore, the soap will help your skin to soften, which can also cause peeling. Please try not to scrub too hard and cleanse with the foam gently. If your skin is not getting itchy, irritated, or excessively red, then there is no cause for concern.

Q. Are LJ products alkaline based?

A. Yes it is. (PJ9-11)


 LJ Moist Balance (light/rich) 

Q. What's the difference between LJ MOIST BALANCE L and LJ MOIST BALANCE R?

A.The main 9 ingredients are the same, but the concentration levels are different. Both L and R contain Quince Seed Extract, and two kinds of Hyaluronic Acid to fully moisturize your skin. LJ MOIST BALANCE L nourishes the skin with a well-balanced mixture of water and oil. It contains a stable micro-emulsion of Olive Squalane Oil, which can help to make your skin smooth and youthful-looking. Your skin absorbs Squalane quickly with low irritancy as it is composed of materials similar to sebum. Additionally, LJ MOIST BALANCE L leaves behind no greasy residue on the skin.

LJ MOIST BALANCE R is a perfect moisturizer when your skin is dry due to seasonal changes, your living environment, stress or a change in your physical condition. It contains an ample amount of moisturizing ingredients. In addition, Trehalose, Tuberose, and Betaine help your skin stay moisturized longer and smooth.

Q. Do I need to apply any facial cream after using LJ lotion? 

A. No, you don't need to apply any additional cream. LJ MOIST BALANCE L and R are moisturizing essential beauty lotions that work as creams. However, if you feel uncomfortable not using a cream after using lotion, then feel free to do so.

Q. Do I need to apply any face cream after the lotion? 

A. No, you don't need to apply any additional cream. LJ Moist Balance L/R is a moisturizing essential beauty lotion which works as cream. However, if you feel uncomfortable not using a cream after the lotion, then feel free to do so. 

Q. How much lotion should I apply? 

A. Quarter sized amount is usually perfect for one application. However, if your skin feels dry or tired, we recommend you apply it luxuriously and as your skin wishes!

Q. Should I use foundation? 

A. You can use foundation (makeup). However, please make sure you use makeup remover to remove the makeup before cleansing with the LJ Moist Bar. See the “how to” page for full details on usage guidelines. 

Q. Does it contain paraben? 

A. Yes. LJ Moist Balance and LJ Moist Bar contain paraben as a preservative. It's been proven as a safe ingredient to both apply and eat. However if you suffer from a paraben allergy, then please avoid using our products

Q. What is double moisturizing?

A. This is our recommended process of applying the lotion immediately after cleansing, and then once the skin has absorbed it, applying again. This will moisturize your skin fully, so that your skin is flawless and heals faster. However, this is just our recommended method of application; please adjust the application method to your skin’s individual condition.

Q. How long does one bottle last? 

A. It depends on how much you apply each day, but if you follow the LJ method (double moisturizing morning/night), it should last for a few months.

Q. I love both light and rich lotions. Can I use both together?

A.  Absolutely! Both lotions can be combined together for application. Please adjust to your skin’s individual and evolving condition.

Q. Can I use other creams, in conjunction with LJ products?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. When do I need to use the lotion? 

A.You can apply it any time your skin feels dry. However, for maximum benefit you should aim to apply every morning and night after you have double cleansed. Regular usage ensures the maximum effectiveness of all LJ products.

LJ Travel Set 

Q. How long does the travel set last?

A. Approximately 10-14days, depending on your usage

Q. Can I purchase all the mini sized products individually? 

A. LENAJAPON USA does not carry individual mini products. However, our travel set is a wonderful way to try all of our products before committing to a specific LJ beauty regimen. Please contact us at for more information on our current product offerings.