I. Deep Breathing and Double Cleansing

Remove make-up before whipping up a lather by hand using the LJ MOIST BAR. Double wash your face to gently remove all impurities. The initial wash gently reduces excess natural oils, while the second exfoliates without causing dehydration. While you wash your face with the rich foam, deep inhale through your mouth and deep exhale through your nose so that your nerve systems can be balanced and relaxed. Stress free is a key of the beautiful skin.


II.Double Moisturizing

Apply either LJ MOIST BALANCE R or L immediately after double washing your face. Reapply after the lotion has been absorbed. The first application moistens the skin, while the second should be generous as it promotes skin suppleness.  The amount of LJ MOIST BALANCE you apply may be adjusted according to the season, the ambient temperature and the current condition of your skin. If you have both R and L, you can fine-tune the combination to suit your skin depending on the time, the season and your age.