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Wanderlust? Be sure you take LJ TRAVEL SET that keeps your skin and hair looking fabulous no matter where you are. The fashionable handy bag conveniently carries all of your must needed travel sized LJ skincare essentials and shampoo for approximately 10 days in neatly separated inner pockets.For private or business trips or even for quick athletic activities, LJ TRAVEL SET lets you go of everyday skin and hair care worries.

How to apply, visit to LJ how to page 

-The set is with mini size of LJ MOIST BAR with LJ soap case, LJ MOIST BALANCE R and L, and LJ MOIST SHAMPOO.

If you are a new customer to the product; While we create our gentle yet effective natural products, we still always recommend that new customers to PATCH TEST products before they introduce them into their daily beauty regime. Patch Testing ensures your new product suits your sensitive skin, and means that were you to develop a reaction you would be able to pinpoint it to one product in particular. To patch test a product, apply small amount to the inner arm and leave for 12-24 hrs, observing for any reactions. If the area of skin looks healthy and feels great, then you’re ready to enjoy the product!
Please DO NOT use the product if you feel any irritants, redness, itchiness or any other unhealthy symptoms.

*Wash off immediately when it reaches the eyes. 
*Keep out of reach of children.
*The depth of color may differs due to the natural ingredient.
*Store in good ventilation. 
*For LJ MOIST BAR, drain off the water well after use.

*For LJ MOIST BALANCE, replace the cap after use.

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